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December has long been a month in which some of the best memories are made. There’s nothing quite like bundling up in a warm blanket, listening to wintery songs, and looking back on fond memories. Nostalgia often grips us hard around holiday time whether we are missing something or someone. It’s hard not to look back and think about what used to make us happy; and for a lot of people, that happiness starts and ends with Disney. THAT’S RIGHT, this is a Disney post! MWAHAHA! Specifically, nostalgia surrounding some of our favorite movies and authors who couldn’t let go without imagining the left-out parts to the story. Continue reading to find sequels, fanfiction, and alternate universes!


Go The Distance book cover
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Go the Distance is a sequel to Hercules. Yes, the movie. Not the myth. This story focuses on what happens to Megara and Hercules’ relationship after he becomes a god. More accurately, what would happen if Meg needed to become a god to be with him because mortals aren’t allowed on Mt. Olympus and Zeus would never allow his son to go back to the mortal realm after becoming a god. Megara keeps her Disney personality and rough exterior but we are shown exactly WHY she is that way and HOW she gave up her soul in the first place. She even maintains her sarcastic, not-a-damsel-in-distress, retorts like “I tie my own sandals and everything” (and we find out how that particular saying came about). I thoroughly enjoyed the book, even while cringing at the obvious tips of the hat to Disney’s past blockbuster.

 It made me nostalgic for more so I started looking for more books based on Disney movies.


Conceal, Don't Feel book cover
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In Conceal, Don’t Feel, you get to see a different side of the Frozen sisters. The story beckons you to answer the question, “What if Anna and Elsa never knew each other?” After her parents’ death, Elsa struggles with her loneliness as sole heir and ruler of the Kingdom of Arrendelle. She soon becomes haunted with glimpses into memories of her childhood and of a familiar-looking young girl. Will you decide to join Elsa on this journey as she fights to gain a hold of herself while also searching for the answers to many new questions that have come to light? Will she get a chance to end her loneliness? From the same author that wrote Go the Distance, Jen Calonita, this story has a most satisfying outcome.


Dangerous Secrets book cover
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Ever think about Elsa and Annas’ parents? Who were they that they knew of the magic trolls as royals? In Dangerous Secrets: The Story of Iduna and Agnarr, we get to see just who they were before they met and had the daughters of a lifetime. Iduna is a young Northuldran girl posing as an Arendellian after a battle in the forest takes a wrong turn for both of the kingdoms and people from both sides become trapped in an enchantment. Since the incident, Iduna has become a trusted friend of Agnarr who is the Crown Prince of Arendell set to become King on his 21st birthday. Will their opposite pasts struggle to the surface making them risk everything to be together? A Disney tale that I never knew I needed provides all of the backstory I could ever want on the magical family.


Far From Agrabah book cover
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Far from Agrabah is a story of Princess Jasmine and Alladin that never was. In this adventure, upon gaining Jasmines’ trust, the Princess asks “Prince Ali” to take her to his fantastical Kingdom of Ababwa. Alladin somehow manages to find a land unknown to Jasmine and both get caught up in the magic of the place. When things go awry, they must learn from past legends and keep their heads on straight or risk being stranded in this place forever. Being stranded comes with its own temptations of a new life for both of these young adults who long for something more. Will they let it get the better of them or will they work together through the deceit to come out of this adventure whole? Admittedly, the story starts off slow but it’s definitely worth the read.


Isle of the lost book cover
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To top off the sequel mood we’re hoping for, Isle of the Lost is a truly entertaining book that needs to be on your “Read before I kick the bucket” list. This sequel to a grouping of Disney classics is so adventurous and innovative! The story focuses on the kids of Disneys’ more evil villains: Maleficent, Jafar, Evil Queen, and Cruella. Teenagers Mal, Evie, Jay, and Carlos have been exiled with their parents on the Isle of the Lost for as long as they can remember. The Isle has become home to many villains and is surrounded by an enchantment that keeps them from leaving. Their powers have been stripped from them and the parents have long forgotten how to do anything without the use of their powers so they live in poverty-like circumstances. However, Carlos (Cruellas’ son) has a knack for technology and is close to a breakthrough in discovering how to connect the Isle with the outside world. There are two more books in the series that promise amazing adventures rivaling Disney itself. Return to the Isle of the Lost and Escape from the Isle of the Lost should be binged as soon as you finish the first book.

For a delicious twist on your old-school favs, check out Liz Braswell and her Twisted Tale series which include: As Old As Time and Part of Your World. The few that I have read kept my eyes riveted on the pages and sent my imagination into its’ own speculation of what could have been or never was. I will never do it justice so this is a series you are just going to have to check out with your own peepers.

Hopefully, this list of tales will not only keep you warm with nostalgia but also give you a chill down your spine. Have you found other books that give you the Disney nostalgia vibe or do any of these catch your undivided attention? Comment below!

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