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What a wild year 2021 was! So many different movies and books came out or started to gain popularity in the past year and it was fun to see what everyone was getting into with however much time they had to themselves. Some items in the library came out on top over others and I think you might just be surprised by what your friends and neighbors were reading and watching! Continue below to find out just what you might need to grab for yourself!

You can find all of our Top 10’s (fiction and non-fiction) HERE in our overdrive collection.



Our top rented movie of the year was Tenet, whose title is also a palindrome (reads the same going forward as it does backward, also pushed by the split image of the title cover), and boy-howdy are there mixed reviews. Tenet boasted a storyline that had time traveling, and a rogue fighting his way to defend humanity (against what/whom is apparently up for debate). It seems this is one movie that everyone can’t seems to determine if it is good or terrible. One thing moviegoers CAN agree on is that the movie has stunning visual effects, even if those effects come at the cost of the premise of several of its’ ideas. Whether you enjoyed it or hated it, the movie caused enough buzz to cause people to go out and see if for themselves, making it the top DVD/BLU-RAY check out for 2021!

Wonder Woman 1984 falls into the same category. I know many people were as excited as I was (longtime Woman Woman fan) about the release of the first Wonder Woman with Gal Gadot and waited with bated breath for this sequel. Personally, it did not measure up. It did still have the lovely leading lady center stage but most agree that the movie jumped around a lot and the storyline was shaky. Not everyone thought the same thing, though, because many flocked to the theaters and to the library (Obviously!) to watch it for themselves. Wonder Woman 1984 has a decent audience rating so you might just have to check this one out for yourself!

Everyone loves a good Liam Neeson action film and Honest Thief was no different! Although rotten tomatoes/critics were not kind to the movie in 2020, audiences are still raving about it in 2021! Granted, Liam is in his element as the movie is very similar to a lot of the action movies he’s done in the past (Taken) so the storyline feels perhaps just a little TOO familiar. The 69-year-old actor still puts on one heck of a performance and it’s a movie that has obviously passed through a lot of hands so it’s no wonder this is third on our list!

Top 10 Most Checked Out DVDs & Blu-rays in 2021

1.      Tenet
2.      Wonder Woman 1984
3.      Honest thief
4.      The marksman
5.      News of the world
6.      Wonder Woman 1984
7.      Spider-Man
8.      Jumanji
9.      Minari
10.    Mulan



Although The Four Winds is based on a time of great suffering and loss, most readers agree that this book is a must have. There are two sides of the same coin here as half of our readers said they couldn’t get through the entire book because there are just so many obstacles piled on one person that it’s exhausting. The other half find that the turmoil adds to the fact that the heroine is a survivor and the story is a testament to that. Everyone agrees that this world-famous author put quite a lot into this book and whether that is good or bad is entirely up to you! It’s definitely worth talking about as it is number one in our ADULT FICTION check outs.

To state this before I say anything else, and because most readers were blind-sided by it appearing many times in the book, I am including a trigger warning for Suicide. Now, it is no wonder that The Midnight Library made it to number 2 in our most checked out list as many found the book to be quite profound and very personal while others found that the book was more self-help based and less philosophical than it actually was (calling it boring with many platitudes). Either way, it has earned it’s spot by allowing for more conversations to be centered around it and whether or not it is truly as masterful as readers have been claiming it is. If you like reading about parallel universes and NOT reading about libraries like the books titles implies, you’ll love this! One thing is for sure, it has certainly caused a buzz.

What would the world do without controversial books? The Vanishing Half has most readers spellbound and absolutely singing the praises of author Brit Bennet. The topics of racism, colorism, classism, LGBTQ+, and “passing as…” come up quite often in the book and they have been causing quite a stir. While most praise the authors efforts to fully include those most affected by some of these oppressions, others found that none of the topics were really fully delved into or given proper structure or endings. The book has been up for debate lately but there’s no denying that people will continue picking this one up to see what all the hype is about.

Top 10 Most Checked Out Adult Fiction in 2021
1.       The four winds Hannah, Kristin,
2.       The midnight library  Haig, Matt,
3.       The vanishing half  Bennett, Brit,
4.       The guest list : a novel / Foley, Lucy
5.       A time for mercy / Grisham, John,
6.       Where the crawdads sing / Owens, Delia
7.       A gambling man / Baldacci, David,
8.       The last thing he told me : a novel / Dave, Laura,
9.       Daylight / Baldacci, David,
10.     The sentinel / Child, Lee,




In our juvenile fiction, only one book on our list (at number 4 no less) made it on our list that was almost wholly Diary of a Wimpy Kid (DOAWK) but since it is NOT in our top three, you will have to discover what it's about by clicking it's link below! DOAWK Double Down/The Long Haul/The Meltdown were the top 3 checked out copies and the whole series really speaks for itself. The collection, about a young man finding his way through school with a rowdy friend and even rowdier brother, has become a beloved staple to many homes because of the ease in which people of all ages can relate. Since its’ inception, and further movies that came along, DOAWK has been nothing short of a commercial success spawning a series of spin offs. NEED I SAY MORE????

Top 10 Most Checked Out Juvenile Fiction in 2021
1.       Diary of a wimpy kid : double down / Kinney, Jeff
2.       Diary of a wimpy kid : the long haul / Kinney, Jeff
3.       Diary of a wimpy kid : the meltdown / Kinney, Jeff,
4.       The canyon's edge / Bowling, Dusti
5.       Diary of a wimpy kid : the last straw / Kinney, Jeff,
6.       Diary of a wimpy kid : the third wheel / Kinney, Jeff,
7.       Diary of a wimpy kid : cabin fever / Kinney, Jeff
8.       Diary of a wimpy kid : hard luck / Kinney, Jeff
9.       Diary of a wimpy kid : Rodrick rules / Kinney, Jeff,
10.     Diary of a wimpy kid : the getaway / Kinney, Jeff,

Originally published in 2017, One of us is Lying gained a lot of traction after a couple of years being out in the world. People really seem to enjoy the mystery of the whole book. So much so that a movie/show is in the works! The author herself confirmed that the inspiration for the book came from The Breakfast Club. She states, “It’s Breakfast Club with a criminal twist!” I won’t give more information than that as I know the author would appreciate the vagueness of this entire paragraph trying to convey why a mystery novel is number one on our checked-out list. Pick up a copy to find the answer to all your questions!

Fans of One Of Us Is Lying continued with the mystery-loving and ran directly over to The Inheritance Games which has been compared to many different things: Knives out, Princess Diaries, Cinderella, and anything with a lousy love triangle in it. While the fans that enjoyed One Of Us Is Lying sing praises for the book and its’ plot (and its’ mystery sudden ending) others have decided that the characters in the story lack any substance. There is a typical love triangle with a typical set of young men with typical personalities: The rough and aloof bad boy and his brother, the kind and forgiving philanthropist artist. Both of which are rich. There are indeed many moments in the book that cause you to roll your eyes but I AM saying that as a fully-grown adult woman and no longer as a young adult, as this book was meant to be geared toward. Take that with a grain of salt while you’re also taking a copy of this out of our library!

Scythe is a story set in a post-mortality world where death, disease, war, and misery no longer exist. In such a world, people are designated to be “Scythes”, reapers who are tasked with taking the lives of people in order to maintain a non-crowded, population-controlled environment. Sounds interesting right? Most readers agree that you will find this book as riveting as an oasis mirage in the middle of the Saharan desert if you do not go into reading it with expectations. Where people do not agree is whether or not the book is so good and full of new ideas that it needs to be bought for your home collection immediately or so sad and terrorizing that they couldn’t continue flipping the pages. Either way, the sheer amount of people that have grabbed this novel and spread the news about it have definitely worked hard to make this number 3 on our list!

Top 10 Most Checked Out Young Adult Fiction in 2021
1.       One of us is lying / McManus, Karen M., 
2.       The inheritance games / Barnes, Jennifer (Jennifer Lynn),
3.       Scythe / Shusterman, Neal
4.       Six of crows/  Bardugo, Leigh,
5.       The cruel prince / Black, Holly,
6.       The tower of Nero / Riordan, Rick,
7.       The ballad of songbirds and snakes / Collins, Suzanne,
8.       The hunger games / Collins, Suzanne
9.       The bridge home / Venkatraman, Padma,
10.     Cinder / Meyer, Marissa

Part 2 of our top 10's list is coming soon! Be sure to keep an eye on our blogs to see our top check out for non-fiction material! Comment below on what you thought should have been on this list and what you might have been surprised about.

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