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January 6, 2022, Tomball, TX.--  LSC-Tomball Community Library and Tomball Economic Development Corporation (TEDC) have partnered to create a unique, immersive space for local youth that will offer advanced technology in order to encourage learning and collaborative opportunities.

“The TEDC is thrilled for the opportunity to collaborate on this community project. The Innovation Lab plays a key role in building a skilled and inspired workforce in Tomball,” said TEDC Executive Director, Kelly Violette. “This investment will bring world-class technology to local students and create a space at the LSC-Tomball Community Library that will be second to none in our area.”

The upgrade project represents Phase 2 of the Tomball Innovation Lab initiative (which was launched in January of 2020). It will renovate and upgrade the current library Teen Space.

The purpose of the renovation is to provide the local youth with access to advanced technology, resources, educational opportunities, job preparation and career development, technological literacy, social literacy and leadership experiences to prepare them for the future and guide them into adulthood.

tedc and lsc-tomball community library logos

TEDC will be sponsoring the renovation project. The cost is approx. $50000, and it will include:

  • Design upgrade
  • Furniture upgrade
  • Advanced technology acquisition

Some of technology upgrades will include an interactive smart digital table with a touch screen interface, a large screen smart digital wall and advanced virtual reality technology. These upgrades will allow the library to offer new services via multiple activities, such as resume building, language learning, animation and art, online seminars, public speaking and presentation opportunities, virtual tours of worldwide historical locations and museums and many others.

In addition to advanced technology, updated design and furniture such as a library teen services desk, mobile chairs and tables, and storage areas will help to provide a welcoming and inviting space for teens and will also promote technology literacy, life skills development, career preparation, collaboration and increased creative expression.

The project is approached by TEDC and LSC-Tomball Community Library from the following perspective: Invest in your youth, invest in your future. It falls under the strategic priority of education and workforce development for both the library and TEDC.

“Education and workforce development, alongside innovation and entrepreneurship, are TEDC strategic goals. Resources made possible by the technology investments at LSC-Tomball Community Library will help achieve these goals and demonstrate that Tomball is dedicated to creating unique avenues for student success,” added TEDC Assistant Director, Tiffani Wooten.

“This will be an amazing addition to our library,” said LSC-Tomball Community Library Director, Janna Hoglund. “Because of TEDC’s generous donation, our Tomball youth will get access to unique resources that will support their development, promote collaboration and creativity. On behalf of the library team, I would like to express a deep appreciation to the TEDC team in bringing this important resource to our community!”

LSC-Tomball Community Library is excited to partner with TEDC to make the new Teen Space a reality and engage with our local youth in new and innovative ways!

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