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The end of the school year is coming up and we thought we’d share a few “teacher gift” crafts with you to inspire you to help out our underpaid and overwhelmed teachers. Teachers are universally underappreciated and any small amount of support that you can give is usually a heaven send to those who use their own money to help provide for, and teach, our children. If you want to get right into the craft making, scroll to the bottom of this article to watch the video on how these particular gifts were put together. Otherwise, keep reading to find out why these were the crafts that I chose to make.


Alternative use for clorox/pencils gifts


Spray bottle/pencil teacher gift


Spray bottle/pencil wrap

The past two years have brought an old menace in a new face to the classroom in the form of germs. Initially, I thought to wrap the pencils around a Clorox or other sanitizer wipe bottle, but thought the spray bottle might find more use as sanitizing wipes are now included on classroom supply lists. Items like pencils, crayons, scissors, and glue are always in high demand at school so keep that in mind when moving forward with your own project. The process for assembly is self-explanatory as you are just standing your items on end around the bottle of your choice, but if that isn’t clear enough please refer to the video at the end of this blog (for this and any other item shown below).


Alternative metal tin/crayon gift


Tin/crayon teacher gift


Metal tin/Crayons

With this craft I advise finding a small tin that is more straight up and down rather than leaning out. I, however, made the mistake of getting a curved-lip tin so I show in the video below what that will look like if you choose to do it that way. Spoiler alert: Not great haha. This craft is specifically for a Kinder-grade teacher because they use crayons more often than higher grades. Tins can easily be repurposed in the classroom in stations for the kiddos to grab things out of and the things you choose to place inside the tin should also be geared toward that level in school. I added the confetti, which might not go over well with a teacher that is all about cleanliness, but I think it adds a nice spark of color and really drives home the “home-made” feel. Again, the process speaks for itself; line up the crayons against your tin, tie them down, and add your goodies.


PUNNY signs

“Pun”ny signs

Although I’m sure it’s not necessary, I added unique little signs to the extras I had/made. Signs on the crafts, scissors, and “Star” plaque can really brighten a persons’ day if you make them cute. The scissors are not necessarily a craft by themselves, but thinking of a good pun to add to them can make the gift of scissors more fun than if you had just handed them over or placed them in a basket. There’s always the internet to search through if you really can’t think of anything to attach.


"Thanks for helping me grow" pot

Grow Pottery

Every teacher believes that they help your little ones grow into the tiny humans they were meant to be. They cannot be there for our kids all the time but I do know that they try to have a few one-on-one sessions with the students throughout the year to give them special attention in the classroom. What better way to recognize that feat than painting a pot for them and perhaps gifting them seeds, gloves, or gardening things to grow at home? This simple craft requires only a pot, paint, brushes, anything you are choosing to include on the inside, and a little bit of imagination.


"Teacher break" wine glass

Wine Glasses

A break! That’s the answer to the question; What do teachers need more of? These really easy-to-make wine glasses can give your child's teacher that much needed break from their students (and from their hectic days of planning). Although the making of this craft is super easy, making it stay bright and polished is another challenge. You'll need a wine glass, the above colors of ACRYLIC PAINT or PAINT SHARPIES, brushes of varying sizes, confetti if you so choose, and modge podge or gloss sealer. If I say so myself, AND I DO, this was one of the more fun crafts to do. What better way to celebrate teachers than a wine glass covered in teacher themed art?


Was the video informative for you? Will you be buying crafts for YOUR teachers? Which craft did you like the best?? Comment below to let us know what you think!

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