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September 20th is National Voter Registration Day! Based on data from the 2020 U.S. Census 1 in 4 eligible Americans haven’t registered to vote. This happens because they aren’t sure how to register, haven’t updated their registration or they just missed the deadline. The goal of National Voter Registration Day is to bring awareness to this issue and make sure everyone gets to exercise their right to vote.

Not sure if you’re registered or if your registration is current? You can verify it on Harris Votes, but don’t forget the deadline for the November 8th election is October 11, 2022. Voter registration applications are available at your local branch library, and our partners Harris County Elections , League of Women Voters and East Harris County Empowerment Council are out in the community helping with voter registration and answering questions about the voting process.  

I Vote StickersAfter you’re registered to vote, check out your sample ballot. The sample ballots for the November 8th election should be available on Harris Votes starting around September 21, 2022.  Helpful resources for researching the candidates and issues on your ballot are the Voter Guide and Ballotpedia

Important Dates to remember for the November 8th election:
Voter Registration Deadline - 10/11/2022
Early Voting - 10/24/2022-11/4/2022
Mail Ballot Application Deadline - 10/28 (received by Harris County Elections, NOT postmarked)
Mail Ballot Deadline - 11/8 (postmarked or delivered by voter in person)

If you have any questions or concerns Harris Votes provides information and customer service in English, Spanish, Vietnamese and Chinese (Simplified). For national, statewide or general information don’t forget Vote 411 from the League of Women Voters. Now go check your registration, keep an eye out for your sample ballot and head to the polls to let your voice be heard!

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