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Fall is in the air, and it is time to enjoy some comfortable and cozy meals, coffees, and recipes to warm you and your soul!  I know I am not the only one that has been anticipating the pumpkin spice latte and a big bowl of homemade chili that comes with this wonderful time of year!

The Harris County Library website catalog has all kinds of books with recipes, crafts, & more to choose from.  Here is a display of books for you to browse.


Click on each book for more details.
101 Cozy Cassaroles


Cozy Minimalist Home


The Complete Autumn and Winter Cookbook


Food Fest 365


One Bowl Baker


Live Well Bake Cookies


The Ultimate Soup Cookbook


Soup and Comfort


Soups On


Weekend Wraps


Southern Living Feel Good Food


A Passion for Coffee


Tea with Bea


Easy Knitted Tea Cosies


Purely Pumpkin


A Catered Halloween


The Best Cassarole Cookbook Ever


Family Favorite Cassarole Cookbook


I Love My Instapot


The Great Grilled Cheese


Cozy Book


A Comfy Cozy Thanksgiving


Awesome Autumn


The Halloween Cookbook


WormyApplePie Crissants


Thanks to our partnership with Pasadena Public, Montgomery County Memorial Library System, and other area libraries, you can check out all the books featured in this blog.  Reciprocal borrowing means more access to more library materials for more people!

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