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Astros mascot Orbit browses children's bookshelves at the library

The Houston Astros are in the World Series!  

To show our love for the home team, here are picture book recommendations that only Houston Astros fans would get.

Air Yordan

air jordan For the way he sends baseballs flying for a homerun, fans have nicknamed Yordan Álvarez “Air Yordan”. Read the picture book Michael Jordan by Maria Isabel Sánchez Vegara to learn more about the basketball player and legend nicknamed Air Jordan.  

King Tuck

king tut Astros fans have affectionately nicknamed Kyle Tucker “King Tuck” for not only his big hits, but for the big plays he makes in right field. During games you can spot fans with King Tuck signs and wearing Egyptian pharaoh headdresses. In honor of the Golden Glove Award finalist’s nickname read  The Tomb Robber and King Tut by Sarah Gauch.   

La Piña

la pina Just take one look at Yuli Gurriel’s hair and you’ll understand why Astros fans call the first baseman “La Piña”. Fans of Gurriel show their love for him by sporting pineapples. Read Pineapple Princess by Sabina Hahn to celebrate more Piña Power!  

Chas Chomp

chas chomp

Strech your arms and get ready to bring them together for the “Chas Chomp” when left fielder Chas McCormick is at bat. Practice makes perfect, so read I Will Chomp You by Jory John to get your chomps in.

Heart Sign

heart sign

Shortstop Jeremy Peña shows his mom love by making the heart sign with his hands. Fans have begun to make the heart sign right back to Peña to show their love for the Golden Glove finalist. You’ll heart sign reading Love by Matt de la Peña.   

Rock the Baby

rock the baby

Astros pitcher Luis Garcia delivers his pitches, but not before he “rocks the baby”. Some may question his unusual pitching style, but fans have taken to rocking the baby along with Garcia. Find your rhythm and read Rock-a-Bye Baby by Jane Cabrera.  

José Altuve

get a hit

José Altuve is the heart of the Astros team. Fans cheer for the second baseman by singing: “José! José, José, José, José!”. We’re hoping that Altuve hears these cheers and delivers big hits in the World Series. To help manifest big hits from Altuve, read Get a Hit, Mo! by David A. Adler.

Enjoy these baseball books as you root for the Houston Astros!  

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