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The female gaze : essential movies made by women

Alicia Malone.
"The term 'male gaze' was first coined in the 1970s to describe what happens to all of us when the majority of our entertainment has been created by men. The viewer is forced to see female characters through a male lens, which distorts how all of us see women, and even how women see themselves. Typically, the keepers of film history and writers of film criticism have also been men. Yet, since the very birth of cinema, women have been making movies. So, what does the world look like through the 'female gaze'? This is the question bestselling author and film reporter Alicia Malone poses, as she presents a collection of essays on fifty-two movies made by women. These films encompass various eras, nationalities, and stories, yet each movie is distinctly feminine. Joining Alicia Malone is a variety of established and aspiring female film critics, who write about their favorite film made by a female director. In these fascinating chapters you'll discover brilliantly talented and accomplished women filmmakers--both world-renowned and obscure--who have shaped the film industry in ways rarely acknowledged. Learn about the hidden figures of filmmaking and the acclaimed luminaries of the past and present. Readers will discover: the accomplishments of numerous women in film such as Dorothy Arzner, Ida Lupino, Kathryn Bigelow, Lady Bird's Greta Gerwig and more; the complex lives of these women and the struggles they faced carving a place for themselves in the film industry; how these women's unique voices shaped the films they made and influenced the film world."--Back cover.

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