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Science Fiction for a Bright Future

I love a good dystopia, but there is no denying that they don’t paint a rosy view of the future. To ring in the New Year, I’ve picked some books that imagine a future (or a present) full of robotic hijinx and alien adventures.  Also, strangely enough, a lot of cats.    
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Resolving To Do Less in the New Year

It’s January! The time when we all take a good hard look at our lives and think about something that we want to improve about ourselves. For me, sometimes just existing is hard.

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Books, Adult

Hello 2023, Goodbye Goblin Mode

“Goblin mode,” the Oxford English Dictionary’s 2022 Word of the Year is defined as “a type of behavior which is unapologetically self-indulgent, lazy, slovenly or greedy, typically in a way that re

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HCPL 2022 Top Ten Lists

You don’t have to tell me 2023 is fast approaching, I have so many apps with personalized reviews of books I’ve read or music I’ve listened to. 

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Homemade Gifts & Meals for the Holidays

We all are trying to make ends meet these days, and during the Holidays that can be even more of a struggle!  So, what could be better than saving money by handcrafting your gifts

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