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The Harris County Enhanced+ Library Card is a full-service library card and verified photo ID in one. Find out more about it here.

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Enhanced+ Library Card FAQ

What is the Enhanced+ Library Card? 

The Enhanced+ Library Card is a Harris County Public Library Card that includes your library card number, photograph, address, date of birth, gender marker and an expiration date on the front and scannable barcode on the back. 

What can I use the Enhanced+ Library Card for? 

The Enhanced+ Library Card is a full-service Harris County Public Library Card, so can be used to access all the resources available to Library cardholders, including books, DVDs, and other physical materials in our collection, as well as our various electronic resources (such as e-books, databases, and more). 

Who can get the Enhanced+ Library Card?

Enhanced Library Cards are available to residents of Harris County, Texas. 

How much does an Enhanced+ Library Card cost?

They are free. 

How long is the Enhanced+ Library Card valid for?

The Enhanced+ Library Card is valid for 5 years after it is issued. Cards can be renewed when they expire.

Where can I apply for the Enhanced+ Library Card?

Enhanced+ Library Cards are available from all full-service Harris County Public Library locations.  At this time, they are not available at Baldwin Boettcher Branch @ Mercer Park, Texas Medical Center Library and Harris County Law Library. HCPL Locations   

Where can I use my Enhanced+ Library Card? 

The Enhanced+ Library Card is a full-service Harris County Public Library Card and can be used at all Harris County Public Library locations, as well as online to access our eBooks and other digital resources. The Enhanced+ Library Card may also be used to borrow eligible materials at all of Harris County Public Library’s reciprocal partner locations: Bellaire City Library, Lone Star College Libraries, Montgomery County Memorial Libraries, and Pasadena Public Library.  

Am I required to get an Enhanced+ Library Card? 

No, the Enhanced+ Library Card is not required. If you would like a standard Library Card, please visit any Harris County Public Library branch and the staff will be happy to assist you. Learn more

How do I make an appointment to apply for an Enhanced+ Library Card? 

Appointments are not necessary. You may go to any full-service Harris County Public Library location during regular open hours to apply for the card. 

What do I need to bring with me to apply for an Enhanced+ Library Card?

In order to apply for the Enhanced+ Library Card, library staff will need to verify your identity and residency. Here is the list of eligible documents: Documents for Proof of Identity and Residency. You may need to bring more than one document to prove your identity. Read the information on the list carefully.

You will need to present original or certified copies of the required documents when you apply for a card. 

If I already have an HCPL Knowledge Card, do I need to replace it with the Enhanced+ Library Card?

Not if you don’t want to! It’s a matter of choice. If you would like an additional document that proves your identity and residency, then consider upgrading to the Enhanced+ Library Card. 

When will I receive my Enhanced+ Library Card? 

Enhanced+ Library Cards are printed on-site at all full-service Harris County Public Library locations at the time the application is accepted and the applicant’s photo is taken. You will leave with your Enhanced+ Library Card after your application is accepted. 


Do I have to apply for the Enhanced+ Library Card in-person?

 Yes, in order to process the application, you must be present to verify documents and have your photo taken. 

What if I don’t have a permanent address? 

Alternatives are listed in the Proof of Residency section here for individuals who do not have a permanent address in Harris County.   

Do I have to verify my gender? 

No. The Enhanced+ Library Card Application has a Gender Marker section with choices for M (male), F (female) or X (non-binary / not male or female).  You will choose the gender marker you wish to have printed on your Enhanced+ Library Card.  No proof of gender is required, and the marker you choose does not have to match any marker on other identity documents. 

How long will it take to apply for an Enhanced+ Library Card? 

Generally, it should not take longer than 15 – 20 minutes to apply for and receive your Enhanced+ Library Card.  The time may be slightly longer or shorter, as people are helped on a first-come, first-served basis. 

Can my minor child apply for an Enhanced+ Library Card? 

Yes. All residents of Harris County of any age who present acceptable proof of identity and residency documents and a completed Enhanced+ Library Card application are eligible to receive the card. 

Are there any risks with the Enhanced+ Library Card? 

The Enhanced+ Library Card is a document that contains your name, picture, and other personal information. Should your Enhanced+ Library Card be lost or stolen, it and the information on it could be used to perform identity theft. When you apply for the card, you also take responsibility for it and for protecting your identity should the card be lost or stolen. If at any time you decide you no longer want your Enhanced+ Library Card, contact the Library to have your account updated to a standard library card. 

What if I am told I cannot get an Enhanced+ Library Card?

Only individuals who do not provide the required proof of identity and residency documentation will be told they cannot get the card.  Please ensure that you have the required documentation before applying. Only Harris County residents are eligible for the Enhanced+ Library Card.

Is a picture required to receive the Enhanced+ Library Card?  Can I bring a photograph to use?

A picture taken at the time of application by library staff is required for the Enhanced+ Library Card. Images that have been printed or provided digitally by the applicant will not be accepted.

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