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All HCPL branches offer printers and copiers for the in-library use of our customers. HCPL now also offers Mobile Printing which allows you upload files and pay for printing from your mobile device or desktop computer and pick them up at your library.

In-Library Printing
Self-serve printing and copying at your library

Printing requires the use of a print card. Print cards cost $1.00 initially, and come with 50¢ credit for printing.  Funds may be added at any time to a print card using a copy card machine.

  • Photocopying - 15¢ per page black and white, 50¢ per page color (cash price)
  • Printing (computer), black and white - 10¢ per page
  • Printing (computer), color - 50¢ per page

NOTE: Printing and copying costs may vary at the Cy-Fair, Tomball, Law, and TMC Libraries.

Mobile Printing
Upload files and pay for printing from your mobile device or desktop computer and pick them up at your library.

How HCPL Mobile Printing works:

  • Log in at using your HCPL library card number and PIN*
  • Upload the document(s) to be printed.
  • Add funds (minimum $2.00) to your Mobile Printing account using a credit or debit card with PayPal.
  • Go to your branch, call a library representative who will assist in printing your documents and let you know how you will receive your printed items. Please have your Library Card number handy; you will be asked to provide your library card number to verify the print job. 
  • When the print job is complete, a library representative will bring your printed items to your vehicle.

Click HERE for more detailed instructions.

Important Information:

Mobile printing is NOT available at Baldwin Boettcher Branch Library ("The Little Blue Library") @ Mercer Park

Before submitting your print job, we strongly suggest you use the print preview function to ensure that you are printing exactly what you want to be printed. HCPL cannot refund the cost of prints made in error.

Your Mobile Printing account is separate from your in-library printing card. You cannot use your in-library printing card to pay for Mobile Printing. 

To reduce waste and to better manage the print queues, we will print items when you arrive at the pick-up location and notify us by phone.

*If you do not currently have an HCPL Library Card, you can apply for an iKnow Digital Access Card online to get immediate access to Mobile Printing and other library materials and services. Get an iKnow Digital Access Card now.

FAQ: Mobile Printing

I don’t have a library card. Can I still use Mobile Printing?

You will need a library card. You can sign up for an HCPL iKnow Card in just a few minutes which will give you access to Mobile Printing and many other library services. Get an iKnow Card now.

Can I use my library print card to pay for Mobile Printing?

No. The library print card and your Mobile Printing account are separate. You cannot transfer funds between them.    

When is Mobile Printing available?

You can log in to Mobile Prinitng and upload documents anytime, but you will only be able to print and pick-up printed items during library hours. Check our locations page for times. 

Please note: Uploaded documents will be stored online for 24 hours. If you are unable to come to the library to have your items printed within 24 hours, you must re-upload them. You will not be charged for unprinted uploads.

How do I add funds for Mobile Printing?

From the Mobile Printing print center, you can select Add Funds. Paypal will process the payment from a credit or debit card. If you do not have a Paypal account you can use a guest account that requires no login.

We're sorry, we cannot accept transactions under $2.00.

What payment methods can I use for Mobile Printing.

We cannot accept cash payments for Mobile Printing. You can add funds to your Mobile Printing account using a credit/debit card via PayPal

Do I have to have a PayPal account to add funds to my Mobile Printing account?

No. You can use PayPal as a guest to add funds to your Mobile Printing account.

Can I use my unused Mobile Printing funds to pay library fines?

No. We are not able to transfer funds from your Mobile Printing account.

How should I name my files for uploading?

The filename as it is uploaded is how it will be listed in the print order that the library receives. Please give your files short but descriptive names, This will help us find your print order easier and to ensure we print the correct files. The best names are easy to say and unique.

Bad: photo_1.jpg
Good: Cute_Kittens.jpg

Bad: essay
Good: Bluest_Eye_essay

How do I request a refund?

HCPL cannot provide refunds for misprinted or unneeded prints. Please contact library staff for additional questions.

What if I lose my library card? Can I transfer my funds to my new card?

Please contact library staff for any questions about funds on your account.

What size of paper is available? 

Letter size paper, 8 ½" x 11" is the only format at this time. Legal and other paper formats are not available.

How can I check my Mobile Printing fund balance?

When you log in to, available funds will show in the Funds section on the bottom left of the screen. You can also add funds in this section.

I have a block for unpaid library fines. Can I still use Mobile Printing?


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