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Cinderella Cowgirl


A Cinderella story that will make you laugh out loud!

Linda's hometown hero, famed bull rider Blake Lockwood, is coming to town – and every cowgirl around is set on roping him in.

But when her wicked step-sisters leave Linda stranded in filthy clothes at the family horse stables on the night of the annual barn dance, her opportunity to finally meet him vanishes like a puff of fairy dust.

She is only given her chance to shine with the help of a mysterious old woman and a surprising gift she offers, with one small catch.

Linda, standing out from the crowd at the dance, catches Blake's eye and they experience a sudden and exhilarating connection, but she is left with no choice but to flee without so much as giving him her name. And in her hurry, she only leaves one clue behind for him to go on...

But how far will Cowboy Charming go to find his Cinderella Cowgirl?

The story you thought you knew is reinvigorated in this fresh and inventive western retelling unlike anything you've read before. Experience this romantic fairytale classic in a brand new way, read today!

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