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The Golden Apple

How to Grow Opportunity and Harvest Success

When Kathy Aaronson was eight years old, she set up a small roadside stand next to her family's farm and began selling vegetables that weren't up to supermarket standards (too small or too misshaped). Her entrepreneurial drive was sparked by a need to connect with people, and in the process of learning to sell successfully she learned about how to find and provide value to any type of customer. In The Golden Apple, Aaronson uses the lessons learned at her produce stand and applied later in executive sales to illustrate nine lessons that can help readers turn their careers and lives around. Using humor and practical, step-by-step guidance, this book will teach readers how to: get the attention of busy, distracted client prospects; how to do business confidently and well with anybody -- even rude, crude client prospects; how to use stories to successfully sell products, services or ideas, and how to develop business relationships that will protect their careers in any economy. With the Golden Apple as their guide, readers will be confident they have the tools to make success easier than failure, in business and in life.

Kathy Aaronson, originally from New Hampshire, is the founder and CEO of the executive recruitment and sales training firm, The Sales Athlete, Inc., with offices in Los Angeles and New York City. A nationally recognized expert on executive sales, Kathy helps companies increase revenue and market share, and, for 30 years, assisting individuals in finding career happiness and wealth.

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