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Flowers in the attic, Petals on the wind, If there be thorns, Seeds of yesterday : 4-film collection

Lifetime Pictures presents.
Flowers in the Attic, based on the iconic bestseller, tells the Gothic horror story of four siblings who are forced by their evil grandmother and weak mother to live in an attic, creating a surreal surrogate family with the two older siblings forming a forbidden bond with one another. Petals on the Wind, based on the second book in V.C. Andrews best-selling Flowers in the Attic series, continues to follow the twisted plight of the Dollanganger family as they attempt to put their sordid past behind them. But, as they soon discover, certain secrets can't be left behind. When Cathy finds herself in an abusive relationship, Christopher and Cathy are forced to face their forbidden feelings. And as tragedy strikes again, Cathy returns to Foxworth Hall to confront her grandmother and seek revenge on her mother. Christopher runs to Cathy's side, and the two are determined to start over again together. If there be Thorns: Living together with their loving and happy new family, Christopher and Cathy's past come to haunt them. Their mother Corrine moves in next door. Seeds of Yesterday: The Sheffield family reveal and go through some home truths as their middle child inherits the Foxworth mansion. The family's ghosts looming over, and more tragedies are in store as the curse lives on.

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